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Extract & Transform – Excel automation driving business process improvement

A recent consulting project delivered another example of how Excel automation can be used to drive efficiencies for business. In this case the client runs a number of food service outlets and uses a template to capture key performance metrics for each shift at all stores. The customer wanted to quickly identify which stores and…
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Cost Vs Value : Project Estimate Considerations

When our customers receive a project estimate from us we encourage them to determine the value they are getting is worth the cost! Find out how you can compare the cost of your project to a quantifiable value for your business to help you make the decision whether it is worth signing off on the…
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“Share Trade Tracker – Its Brilliant!”

If you want a simple program to track your share trading there is only one I’ve found that does the job perfectly. Share Trade Tracker is a simple to use share trading manager that is nicely customisable to incorporate & manage my SMSF reporting all done in one application. Phil Milsom – Share Trade Tracker…
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“Give it a try, well worth it”

“Top Notch! After using a manual trading record spreadsheet, Share trade tracker saves me time! Now I can just click a button and the stock prices are updated for me. I would recommend share trade tracker without reservation. It tracks everything I need, dividends, trading diary, etc. Very handy, and saves LOTS of time in…
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Historical Price Extract solution for share traders

We have been kept busy providing solutions to problems caused by a number of Yahoo Finance website changes. Yahoo Finance has always been a great source of information for share traders, but changes to their website this year have resulted in errors for many of the extract and data scraping methods that Excel users have…
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“We have automated a very laborious task”

“Dealing with someone for the first time always gives me reservations, however prompt and quick service and response allayed these fears, and the service and end result was excellent.” David Mckinnon, Chief Excecutive, Frontier Hospitality
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