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Case Study – Automated Excel Charting

Excel charts allow business to create visualisations of data sets to aid in the understanding of the data collected. Excel provides a range of automated functions for working with your stored data. Our Excel Experts can help you to make use of these, customise them for your business requirements and build custom macros to allow automatic updates of your charts when the data itself is edited. 


The Problem

This client provides online survey services and was spending countless hours converting survey responses into meaningful and useful charts for their clients.


The Solution

The solution was to create an application to automate this time consuming task of Excel chart creation, by taking their standard source data and create each chart via an automated macro.


The Benefit

The benefit to the client was reducing a 3-4 hour job for staff down to less than 60 seconds! The client simply specified the charts they needed and how they wanted them displayed, and the macro we developed did the rest



Customer Feedback

"XLAutomation were very consultative in their approach to our needs, and I am very happy with the result. I would not hesitate to recommend their Excel macro services."

Tony Marlow - Research Director, Asia Pacific, Nielsen Online