Case Study – Freight Tariff Calculator

Microsoft Excel can be used to perform calculations for your business by using formula's in cells. Predefined formulas are already available in Excel, but its designers couldn't possibly anticipate every calculation need for every user. This is where our Excel Developers can help by creating custom formula's to perform complex calculations for your business's specific requirements. 


The Problem

This freight forwarding client had separate versions of calculators used for different clients and destinations, which made it time consuming for staff to enter the details and resulted in inconsistency. 


The Solution

The solution was to develop a single tariff calculator for all clients and destinations for the staff to use. The system developed was automated to create a consistent tariff calculation for our client.


The Benefit

The main benefit was consistency and considerable time saved for staff, which ultimately reduced errors and saved money for our client.

Customer Feedback

"The level of attention we received to thoroughly understanding our requirements was excellent. The final product perfectly fulfilled those requirements & the steps & support taken to get to the end result were efficient & effective."

Richard Lamport - Managing Director, Kalgin International Freight Services.