Case Study – Housekeeping Inventory

Housekeeping tracking in the Hotel Management industry is critical to managing cash flow and providing the level of hospitality promised.  See how we automated this process to keep track of room inventory, produce purchase orders and invoices to privately owned rooms, as well as tracking staff cleaning and maintenance jobs and materials.


The Problem

This Hospitality business was manually tracking the stock and maintenance activities across 300 rooms. Including regular items for a room like soaps, coffee and tea, as well as materials required to fix issues within the rooms like a leaking tap or a broken light.

The existing process was managed on paper with job sheets and stock lists being updated as each room was refreshed with stock each day. Then at the end of each month the administration team would reconcile the stock to purchase orders. Finally for the rooms that were owned by investors an invoice was drafted to cover the expenses of stock for those rooms for the month.


The Solution

Automation of this process was the solution. A centralised Excel workbook was created to store all stock used for each room. Each day as the resort staff used items in a particular room either for replacement or as part of a job to fix something it was recorded in the spreadsheet for that room.

The stock details, including the price and supplier were recorded in the spreadsheet and when required reports could be run to generate a purchase order for replacement of any items that were running low on stock.


The Benefit

  • Hours of time saved per month for the administration team. Manual paper based reconciliation was no longer needed.
  • Invoices automatically generated for the investors improved cashflow.
  • Providing a professional level of service with the ability to provide the investors with reports for previous months
  • Accuracy with the ability to see current stock levels for all rooms consumables, cleaning and room maintenance