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Case Study – Revenue Forecast Model

For a business to maximize it's profits it needs to accurately project its sales, revenues and expenses. Accurate revenue forecasting is critical to reducing unnecessary spending, manage production scheduling and staffing, and avoid potential missed opportunities.


The Problem

This clients hire business was finding it difficult to plan and schedule resources and staffing to meet demand due to the inability to accurately forecast their revenue. As a result they were wasting money and missing job opportunities due to an insufficient balance of staff and production to meet high demand when it was needed.


The Solution

The solution was to build an application to provide a consistent and automated method of forecasting revenue for their hire business. It was a forms based system providing data entry and validation of the key information and transactions that were then translated into reports that provided revenue forecasts for the business.


The Benefit

The client was able to quickly and easily enter the relevant data using the forms based system, which saved them considerable time. The automated validation of key data and transactions resulted in accurate and consistent forecasting.  The resulting reports provided the client with a forecast revenue model for the business in the short and long term that they could count on to accurately plan and schedule resources and staffing to meet demand. This ultimately saved them money that was previously being wasted on under utilised resourcing and helped their reputation as a hire business that could keep up with the demands of their clients. 

Customer Feedback

"Understanding our problem, what we needed to achieve and working through the development phase, testing and retesting produced a fit for purpose outcome"

Keith Carroll - Managing Director, Alimak Hek Pty Ltd