When our customers receive a project estimate from us we encourage them to determine the value they are getting is worth the cost! Find out how you can compare the cost of your project to a quantifiable value for your business to help you make the decision whether it is worth signing off on the project estimate.

Consider the expertise required to deliver the solution.

We bring our years of development expertise to a project and apply our knowledge and experience to produce high quality, time saving, robust and scalable automations for our customers.

Determine what change it brings and what the benefit of that change is.

What change will this automation or enhancement bring to our business, what is the benefit of that change, and how long will we benefit from it? Using one of our customers as an example, the total project cost was $3,400

Change = automating the conversion of survey responses into meaningful and useful charts for their clients.

Benefit = Time saving

Quantify the Benefit into a $ value for your business

If the benefit is time saved, how much time are you saving and how long will this last? Then what is that time worth to your business? Using the example above,

Amount and lasting effect of Benefit = Reduced a 30 hour monthly report update generating process for staff to 60 seconds!

Quantified Benefit = Staff paid $60 per hour x 30 hours = $1800 per month saving x 12 months = $21,600 savings in staff hourly rates per year

As a result the Cost Vs Value was in the customers favor as they paid far less for the project cost than the savings they were gaining in only just one year of using the new automated program.