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Quote Generator Product Support

The XLAutomation development team have put together the following Help Guidance and video's to give you assistance in getting the most out of your Quote Generator.

Quote Generator...Help and Guidance

Compatibility with Windows

Compatibility Note: Before purchasing one of our Products make sure your system is compatible with our Excel Products

Operating System: Windows Only, no support for MAC OS
Microsoft Office: Office 2007 and above
Enable Macros: All our workbooks require Macro's to be enabled and trusted

Installing Quote Generator

After the purchase of Quote Generator you are provided with a "Download" link to download an installation file. You are also provided with a Serial Number to use during the product activation. Ensure that you keep a hard copy of your Serial Number for later use



After clicking on the "Download Now" link the "Quote_Generator.xlsm" file will be saved to your desktop. Select an appropriate location for the workbook to stored. Once saved double click on the file to start Quote Generator

Initial Setup

When you first start using Quote Generator, following the steps below to setup and configure your initial information.
  1. Enter or Copy your Customer Details to the Customer Worksheet
  2. Enter or Copy you Item (Products or Services) to the Item Worksheet
  3. Update the Office Worksheet with your Office Location details
  4. Include your Company Logo to the Quote Worksheet by replacing the Company Logo Image
  5. Include your own Company Tag Line if you have one on the Reference Worksheet
  6. Review any other settings on the Reference Worksheet and update if needed
  7. Update the Terms & Conditions Worksheet with your own specific Terms and Conditions
  8. Use the Start Quote Generator Control Form on any Worksheet to begin creating Quotes

Selecting Customers

After you have entered or copied your Customer Details into the Customer Worksheet simply select a Customer by either using the "Set Customer" button on the Control Form or by selecting a cell within the Customer or Delivery Address sections of the Quote form
After selecting either of those options a Select Customer Form will be displayed. You can either directly select the Customer by clicking on the Customer in the list that is displayed or you can reduce the list of Customers by typing in text from the Customers Name and then selecting that Customer in the reduced list. Once selected the Customer and Delivery Address sections of the Quote will be updated with the details stored for that Customer.

Selecting a Quote Item

To update a Quote Item simply select the row on the Quote Template that you want to update with some Item details. 
Once selected a Select Quote Item form will be displayed. You can either directly select the Item by clicking on the Item in the list that is displayed or you can reduce the list of Items by typing in text from the Items Description and then selecting that Item in the reduced list
Once selected the U/M, P/N, Item Description, Include Tax, Unit Cost and Total Cost will be automatically updated for the Item Simply then specify the Quantity and the Totals will be updated for the included Item
To Clear an Item from an existing Quote simply select the Item Cell that needs to be cleared and then use the "Clear Item" button and the Item row will be cleared.

Working with Quotes

Via the Control form a number of functions are available to work with quotes. 
New: This function will Clear the existing Quote Template ready for the entry of new Customer and Item information
Find: This function will Search the "Quotes" directory specified in the Reference Worksheet and return a list of Quotes for review. 
Save: Will Save the current Quote Template to the "Quotes" directory specified in the Reference Worksheet. 
PDF: This function will Save the existing Quote to PDF and be stored to the "Quotes" directory
Email: This function will create a draft Email with the current Quote attached ready for sending to a client


Reporting is provided as a standard feature for Quote Generator. It provides a simple and effective way to analyse the current status of your Quotes
Status Report: Provides a status across all Quotes stored in the Quotes directory
The first list is for all Quotes sorted by Status, Customer and Total Cost
The second list provides a Total Cost by Status
The third list provide a Total Cost by Customer
The report is regenerated each time the Status Report is selected.

Quote Generator Dashboard

Dashboard provides further analysis. A series of reports across Status, Customer are included. These reports can be extended to use the same source data. Each time the Dashboard Report is selected all Reports are updated.