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Excel Applications

Spreadsheets taken to another level. Bringing your business ideas to life with enhanced usability, maximised automation and a deeper analytical understanding of your business

Spreadsheet Applications much more than a simple spreadsheet

Our customers are often amazed at what can be achieved using Microsoft Excel, and the applications we develop become fundamental to their business operations. As a result we design your Custom Excel Application to enhance your level of usability, speed of navigation and selection, data input, and printing.

Developed to include familiar and convenient controls


Enhanced functionality for a deeper analytical understanding of your business

We use our Visual Basic Application (VBA) coding skills to utilise processes within Excel not possible with formulas alone. These Excel forms, custom menu's, multi list boxes combined with the full power of Excels reporting capabilities, allows you to gain a deeper analytical understanding of your business. See below for some familiar & convenient controls used in an Excel Application.

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Delivered with Maximum Automation to reduce manual effort

We want to help your business work smarter, increase productivity and save time to focus on business growth. At XLAutomation we develop Excel Applications with custom macros to automate repetitive manual processes like data calculation, file export/import, reporting & interfacing, data entry and more. This not only speeds up every day tasks but reduces the possibility of entry or process errors.

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The XLAutomation Difference

Communication is key to achieving our clients desired outcomes. That's why you talk directly with the team member developing your solution via email, phone or screen sharing which we find very effective. This ongoing communication throughout the intial contact, developement and testing phases is crucial to understanding and achieving your goals.

Attention to detail is a high priority during all projects. A number of prototype workbook (s) will be supplied for your testing as key functionality is developed. We won't stop until you are completely satisfied. All projects are delivered on time and budget. We also offer one month free support following completion date to ensure any issues not identified during the project are resolved.

Delivering fully automated spreadsheets to perform all task with minimum effort. Our team focus on automation in the development of your spreadsheet, using their expertise in VBA to create custom macros to increase productivity & reduce errors. This not only saves you countless hours but will continue to have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Spreadsheets you can count on. We understand your Excel spreadsheets and applications are an important part of your business operations. Measures to ensure they run efficiently are put in place. Data validation checks for improper input or output results. Warning messages prevent user mistakes. Data and formulas are protected and important formulas and procedures are documented to save hours of future development time.