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Job Scheduling: A Case Study

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Job Scheduling a Case Study

One of our clients came to XLAutomation with a need to automate the scheduling of jobs for his kitchen design business. They had a standard job timeline that was split between back office, workshop and installation activities. He wanted a solution that would calculate the next available slot for a new job and then schedule those activities into a calendar for his staff to work from. See below a screenshot of the Summary Calendar of jobs that is calculated from the current list of jobs...


Key Features of the Job Scheduling solution...


Add Job

A Job Name and the Order In Date are specified. The start and end date for each of the job activities is automatically calculated based on the existing jobs and upcoming holidays. The activity calculation also takes into account specific rules for some activities that can only be scheduled for particular days of the week. Once the job is saved it is stored into the schedule and will be tracked for completion via the reports.



For this solution we developed a Detailed and Summary view of the job schedule. They can be refreshed when needed and set to display a specific time period. You will see in the screen shots and video below that the activities are colour coded to make it simple to see which activities are allocated to the office or the workshop. Once a job is completed it is moved to the bottom of the report and coloured grey to indicate a finished job.


Edit Job

Once a job is scheduled it may need to be adjusted, This may be the result of supplier delays or customer changes to the job. For this solution we provided the ability to change any activity for a scheduled job. Once the date for an activity was changed the job is then re-scheduled taking into account jobs already scheduled.

"The team at XLAutomation understood my very vague description and transferred it into the perfect result with ease and attention to detail. A great result, well done..!!" - Adam, T&T Kitchen Designs

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