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A range of ready to use Excel Spreadsheets for sale, developed as the result of common requests. Take a look, you may just find the quick solution you are looking for. 

Excel Spreadsheets... For Sale

To give our customers a head start we have developed a number of Excel Spreadsheets to provide ready to use solutions. Each spreadsheet has been designed to extend the basic capability of Excel, with functionality that increases efficiency and automation.

graphic-with-charts-and-caption-a better-way-to-record-track-analyse-trading-data

Share Trade Tracker

From $9 (AUD) per month

An automated spreadsheet to record, track and analyse your trading data. Providing automated security price updates and Historical dashboard reports. Managing and analysing your share portfolio has never been easier.

To Do List

From $9 (AUD) per month

Achieve better time management with this easy to use spreadsheet to keep track of and prioritise daily tasks. Includes clear due date warnings, custom sort by options, & the ability to add or delete To Do items with one click.

Feel Great getting what Really Matters Done -800
VBA Scrambler Icon Image (2)

VBA Scrambler - Code Protection

$29 (AUD)

It is almost impossible to protect against a malicious attempt to steal your VBA code. With VBA Scrambler if someone does manage to access your code it will take them significantly longer to understand your logic after it is scrambled.

Quote Generator

$37 (AUD)

A simple and effective spreadsheet to create, manage and track quotations for your customers. The workbook will store customer details, product descriptions and costs.


Product Support... help when you need it.

We value our XLAutomation customers and are here to help. All Excel products created by our development team are supported by a number of help options like help guidance and videos and our Forum.

Help Guidance and Video's

Most of our customers find our products simple to use and very intuitive, usually requiring little or no instructions. But if you do need help with your product the help guidance and video's would be your first port of call.

For each product we provide instructions, tips and guidance designed to assist you in getting the most from your product as quickly as possible. If you are unsure on how to achieve something with your product, then you can use this help resource to search for a specific term your needing help with and find the relevant instructions.




Demonstration of the Share Trade Tracker Help Site. Each of the XLAutomation products has detailed instructions for getting the most out of your spreadsheet

The Forum

The Forum is a community of XLAutomation product subscribers. You can use the Forum to ask a question or make a suggestion on a product. You may receive answers from a member of the XLAutomation Support Team or the user community.