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 "I think time saving would have to be the number one benefit of using Share Trade Tracker for me, especially using the EOFY reporting functions. I definitely recommend Share Trade Tracker. Its very simple to use and saves a lot of time in comparison to other spreadsheets I've used in the past."

Matt Green


 "Buy it. The ongoing development and support is active and genuine. Share Trade Tracker makes it very easy to maintain accurate and up to date information for multiple portfolios."

Richard Fakhry

Annual Subscriber

 "The main benefit for me is the reporting and the KPI that it collates."

Rose Mckergow

Monthly Subscriber

 "I have recommended STT to friends as I believe it provides a great package for tracking and analysis of portfolios. The main benefit is being able to have a record of transactions by portfolio’s and all the analysis shown on the dashboard"

Pearl Hollowood

Member of The Chartist

 "My trading records are all listed in a manageable format. This is an easy to operate product available at a realistic price!"

Ian Reed

Annual Subscriber

 "Share Trade Tracker is easy to use and all you need to track your portfolio in one place. It allows you to see exactly how each share is performing and is great for running reports for my accountant"

Craig Hathway

Share Trade Tracker Annual Subscriber

 "The primary benefit for me using Share Trade Tracker is the ability to closely monitor all trades to see if my trading strategies are working so I can make adjustments where necessary. It's a really great portfolio management tool because it tells it as it is. The Win/Loss Ratio is the most important part of the program"

Bevan Rundle

Share Trade Tracker Annual Subscriber

 "The share price and Dividend updater are fantastic. The primary benefit is the base calculations are all Excel, so making the calculation checking so much easier. I think it is a great recorder of share transactions."

Geoff Bryce

Share Trade Tracker Annual Subscriber

"You will not find a better Excel stock portfolio manager, run by a professional group of committed individuals striving to make share trading as hassle free as possible."

Cameron Seidel

Share Trade Tracker Annual Subscriber

"We've sought the expertise of XLAutomation for a number of projects since 2011. Scott and his team have been first class in all areas of the build, implementation and support.

Not only do we personally use Share Trade Tracker in our own business, we confidently provide it to our clients as well."

Nick Radge

Head of Trading & Research The Chartist

"Top Notch! After using a manual trading record spreadsheet, Share trade tracker saves me time! Now I can just click a button and the stock prices are updated for me. I would recommend Share Trade Tracker without reservation. It tracks everything I need, dividends, trading diary, etc. Very handy, and saves LOTS of time in your daily trading routine! Give it a try, well worth it! "

Henry Luk

Share Trade Tracker Annual Subscriber

"Share Trade Tracker is a good investment, and especially good at testing trading systems & strategies. One of the primary benefits is the dashboard which tells you everyting you might want to know for each portfolio. Perfect for performance monitoring"

Charles Brodley

Share Trade Tracker Annual Subscriber

"If you want a simple program to track your share trading there is only one I've found that does the job perfectly. It is a simple to use share trading manager that is nicely customisable to incorporate & manage my SMSF reporting all in one application.

With a name you'll remember and one that explains what it does, and it does it with ease - Share Trade Tracker is Brilliant!"

Phil Milsom

Share Trade Tracker Beta Tester

"I use Share Trade Tracker from XLAutomation. It is a very good tool that reflects the level of competence in Excel that XLAutomation has. Scott and his team are readily available to answer any queries and provide fast feedback and solutions"

Said Bitar

Share Trade Tracker Beta Tester

"I have been using Share Trade Tracker to manage the share portfolio for our SMSF and am finding it very good. If you are looking for a spreadsheet based share tracking system then I recommend you give Share Trade Tracker strong consideration."

Neil McAlpine

Share Trade Tracker Annual Subscriber

"I looked at many programs and spreadsheets and Share Trade Tracker had the best layout for my needs. It has complexity but is easy to use"

Kenneth Nuthall

Share Trade Tracker Annual Subscriber

"I'm blown away at just how comprehensive the Share Trade Tracker program is. What I have found most impressive though was your customer service, pleasant manner and your motto of exceeding customer expectations."

Cameron Seidel

Share Trade Tracker Annual Subscriber

"I have found Share Trade Tracker good value for the money I pay for it. The main benefit for me is the time I save. Its worth every $ and the backup / support is great."

Frank Upton

Share Trade Tracker Annual Subscriber

"Hi Scott, Thanks for getting back to me so promptly, & yes your solution resolves the problem. By the way, I've used many spreadsheets over the years (including paid) and Share Trade Tracker is far ahead of anything. Its fantastic to use. Appreciated, thank you"

Glenn Barnes

Share Trade Tracker User

"I have found Share Trade Tracker makes it easy to monitor my progress and makes accounting simple for my tax return. Excellent product support is provided by the XLAutomation team too! "

Peter Holsman

Share Trade Tracker Annual Subscriber

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