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Quote Generator

A simple yet effective Excel Template that allows intergration of your customer and product information into a single system to manage and track your customer quotations.

Quote Generator...professional quotes with easy tracking & analysis

The system allows for the storage of Customer details, Product descriptions and costs. Quick lookup functionality enables you to simply and efficiently select a Customer and add Products to complete professionally formatted quotes for your customers.

Key Features of "Quote Generator"

Customise the standard quote template to include your company logo and tag line

All your products can be listed within one Quote Generator for specific prices and rates

Quick lookup enables fast and efficient selection of customer and product details for inclusion to a quote.

Includes a dashboard reporting feature to quickly show the status of your quotes and allow easy analysis of your conversion rates.

Copy customer & product details into Quote Generator from other systems, reducing initial setup time.

Customer details stored in Quote Generator allow for quick & easy reference & reporting.

Save quotes in Excel or PDF format for future reference & track the status of those quotes.

Includes system help to provide step by step instructions for each of the key features of Quote Generator.

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