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Share Trade Tracker

 Record & Track your Portfolio with ease. A simple, organised way to track multiple portfolios, keep accurate records, analyse performance and quickly generate tax reports 

Share Trade Tracker...a simple, effective way to manage your share portfolio

Share Trade Tracker is for individual traders to quickly and easily record your buy, sell & short trades from any exchange in the world, across multiple portfolios.

With the  right mix of trading functions, in an easy to use environment, automated to save time, and includes clever tools for better analysis.

Tracking & managing your share portfolio performance has never been easier.

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Benefits Of Using Share Trade Tracker!

Track multiple portfolios, trade types including short trades, from any exchange around the world

The Upload Trades is a time saving benefit for new users to upload multiple trades, or for traders making large numbers of trades frequently.

Dashboard updates automatically when you add, delete, or update prices, to display the key indicators of your portfolio performance.

Add, update or delete shares quickly & accurately with easy to use pop-up forms.

Benefit from Find & Select forms allowing quick & easy search for specific securities or trade types in your workbooks.

Better analysis with custom charts to show net unrealised & realised profit/loss and display best and worst performing stocks in your portfolio.

Automated retrieval of share prices & dividends including franking credits & franked % for Australian shares.

Profit/Loss and % Gain/Loss automatically recalculated, and custom stop loss / take profit warnings are included to support your trading model.

The Custom Ribbon makes navigation easy, displaying all commands to control your worksheets.

Worksheet & Dashboard filtering helps you analyse particular aspects of your trading.

Brokerage can be set on a Portfolio basis allowing for different Broker arrangements and more time saved

Keep your accountant happy with custom reports providing a summary of your past financial years trading, costs and dividends.

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"Share Trade Tracker" Overview

Included to workbook are worksheets to store each buy and sell trade. open positions are held on a separate worksheet giving you a quick reference to the trades still in the market. Short Trades are included to a separate worksheet and displays both open and covered positions. An automated dividend search and store feature enables you to keep track of the expect dividend income for your portfolio. The animated image below steps through each of these key components of Share Trade Tracker.


Buy Trade

To record a buy trade, simply click on the "Buy" button and enter the details. Click "Add Trade" and the buy is added to the workbook, open positions and dashboard.


Sell Trade

To record a sold trade, click on the 'Sell' button, select the share that is being sold and enter the required details. Click 'Add Trade' and the sell is included to the workbook, removed from the open positions and updated to the dashboard.


We Listen To Customer Feedback... see new features added from customer suggestions

All Share Trade Tracker subscribers get access to free upgrades and new features.  

Interactive Broker Bulk Trade Upload

The new custom upload trades function allows for the bulk trade data upload from interactive brokers.


Short Trades

The ability to record and track the performance of Short Positions has been included to the workbook. This feature allows you to include Short Trades alongside your normal positions and then see the results of those trades in the Dashboard and Chart analysis worksheets.


See Short Tades in action in this short video.

Dividends now include Franking Credits and Franked %

For our Australian customers we have now provided the most repeated feature improvement Franked % and Franking Credits to the Dividends worksheet. This data is automatically returned by the Get Dividend details routine and can be entered via the Dividends form.


This video gives an overview of the new Dividend fields included due to customer requests.

Dashboard includes new trade types and totals

The dashboard has been enhanced and now includes trading totals for Short Trades along with Gross and Net P&L for each trade type and an overall portfolio total. New dividend total are included to report the dividend return for your portfolio including any franking credits recorded. Finally a change has been made for the portfolio return calculation that now shows the starting cash balance for the selected portfolio and then the end balance including any trading P&L.

The Dashboard is updated automatically

Give it a try Free for 15 days

No lock-in contracts. Flexible to cancel at any time. 

More inclusions from customers feedback...Entry forms for all worksheets

Each data worksheet now includes it's own entry form to improve data consistency, ease of use and speed to enter data. As data is entered via the forms it is included to the dashboard for calculations and totals.


Brokerage set for each portfolio

A much requested feature has been the ability to set a brokerage by portfolio or trading strategy with v3 of Share Trade Tracker we have delivered that. You can now setup any number of different brokerage rates on a portfolio basis. The default basis still remains and will be in place for all portfolios unless you specify a specific brokerage approach for a portfolio.

Find and Select forms for each worksheet

Each worksheet now includes a Find and Select form that will make it much faster to find and then update or delete trades in your workbook. The Find format can be sorted by any of the returned fields to isolate the record you are looking to change. Once found the record is selected and then returned in the form for update. The same find approach is used for Delete with the ability to select more that one record for deletion.


Charts and Reporting in Share Trade Tracker

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Simple Set-Up. Record & track your share portfolios in minutes!



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