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To Do List...."the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step" - Lao Tzu

We all seem to have very busy lives, whether it's personal, business or both. To Do List by XLAutomation has been developed to help us become more productive with the time we have, and ultimately feel that sense of achievement at the end of the day.

Some of the features you'll love about using To Do List

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1: Store all your To Do List tasks in a single location. Add and delete tasks with the click of a button

2: Customise your To Do List to make it sort, prioritise and look and feel the way you like. Add your own category descriptions, and favorite colours.

3: Changes to status and due dates automatically updates your To Do List to give clear indications of overdue or upcoming tasks.

4: Set the due date warnings to the number of days you prefer.

5: Tasks marked as completed will be automatically sorted to the bottom of the list.

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Using "To Do List" by XLAutomation is easy...

Time Management Tips and Hints

Use a To Do List It's quick and easy to do with To Do List

Prioritize By prioritizing your To Do List you eliminate missing deadlines, crisis management, appearing dis-organised and feeling overwhelmed.

Set Goals Knowing your goals gives you vision and direction, helping you manage your time, priorities and resources to achieve those goals.

Stop Procrastinating Once you've prioritised your To Do List stick to it! Putting off doing what you know needs focus now, only creates feelings of guilt and anxiety.

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