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Make your VBA code unreadable to the human eye to discourage anyone trying to copy and replicate your hard work. 

VBA Scrambler...make your vba code unreadable

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Why should I use "VBA Scrambler" to protect my VBA code ?

The Security offered by Microsoft Excel is open to password cracking tools available for all versions of Microsoft Office, so if someone wants to steal your code they can. VBA Scrambler does not attempt to replace the security offered by Microsoft Excel, but makes your VBA code unreadable to the human eye making it worthless to anyone trying to copy it.

Why should you give away your hard work to document and organise your code so it can be followed in future support and upgrades. While VBA Scrambler won't stop malicious attempt to steal your VBA code, but will deter most as it will take hours of review to understand your logic and then re-use it.

How does VBA Scrambler work ?

1: You develop your Excel VBA Project including comments, logic formatting and meaningful procedure names.

2: When the Excel VBA development is complete & the project is ready for release to customers or users, VBA Scrambler is used to scramble the code and create a new version of your Excel VBA Project.

3: The release version of the Excel VBA Project includes the scrambled code, all functions and features continue to work as before but the code itself is unreadable and difficult to follow.

4: Finally you can include a VB Project password and release the project to your customer or users.

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Protect Your Expertise & Hard Work

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"Want to try before you buy?"

If you are not convinced of the benefit that VBA Scrambler can provide. Then we can offer a "Try before you Buy" service to prove the effectiveness of this product.
Use the form below to send us a sample workbook and we will use VBA Scrambler to scramble that workbook and send it back to you.

If you have VBA or workbook passwords in the sample that you send make sure to remove them or let us know what they are when sending as the workbook must be unprotected for the scrambling routine to complete.