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Get Organised & Stay In Control Of Your Trading Performance

The Share Trade Tracker spreadsheet developed with leading traders, provides you the right mix of trading functions, in an easy to use environment, automated to save time and includes clever tools for better analysis. Managing your share trading has never been easier!

Share Trade Tracker a simple, effective way to manage your trading data.

The XLAutomation team worked with leading trading advisers to develop a Trading tool for individual traders to quickly and easily record your buy, sell & short trades from any exchange in the world, across multiple portfolios. The inclusion of custom charts, dashboard and reports gives you the right tools to monitor your trading performance.

"Share Trade Tracker" Overview

Included to workbook are worksheets to store each buy and sell trade. open positions are held on a separate worksheet giving you a quick reference to the trades still in the market. Short Trades are included to a separate worksheet and displays both open and covered positions. An automated dividend search and store feature enables you to keep track of the expect dividend income for your portfolio. The animated images step through each of these key components of Share Trade Tracker.


Buy Trade

To record a buy trade, simply click on the "Buy" button and enter the details. Click "Add Trade" and the buy is added to the workbook, open positions and dashboard.

Sell Trade

To record a sold trade, click on the 'Sell' button, select the share that is being sold and enter the required details. Click 'Add Trade' and the sell is included to the workbook, removed from the open positions and updated to the dashboard.


Watch the short video to see how Share Trade Tracker can help you manage your trading.

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Read what some of our Share Trade Tracker customers say

"We've sought the expertise of XLAutomation for a number of projects since 2011. Our experiences with Scott and his team have been first class in all areas of the build, implementation and ongoing support.

Not only do we personally use Share Trade Tracker in our own business, we confidently provide it to our clients as well. I highly recommend the use of XLAutomation for anyone wanting better business tools."

Nick Radge

Head of Trading & Research The Chartist



"I use Share Trade Tracker from XLAutomation. It is a very good tool that reflects the level of competence in Excel automation that the team has. Scott and his team are always readily available whenever there is any problem and they provide fast feedback and a solution"

Said Bitar



"I looked at many programs and spreadsheets and Share Trade Tracker had the best layout for my needs. It has complexity but is easy to use"

Kenneth Nuthall



"I've always used spreadsheets to track my trading, but never with the features that Share Trade Tracker offers. Update stock prices or search for latest dividends with a single click! This time saved alone has been worth the cost several times over."

Ian Plinth



"One of the best share portfolio management tools I've used. So many time saving features. I had no idea you could do that with an excel spreadsheet, and would recommend it to anyone that has a share portfolio to track"

Jim Newston

12 benefits of using Share Trade Tracker

In the development of share trade tracker our focus was to provide a method of managing your trading portfolio, with the right mix of the trading functions, in an easy to use environment, with maximized automation to save time, and lastly to include great analysis tools to monitor your trading performance.

Track multiple portfolios, trade types including short trades, from any exchange around the world

The Upload Trades is a time saving benefit for new users to upload multiple trades, or for traders making large numbers of trades frequently.

Dashboard updates automatically when you add, delete, or update prices, to display the key indicators of your portfolio performance.

Add, update or delete shares quickly & accurately with easy to use pop-up forms.

Benefit from Find & Select forms allowing quick & easy search for specific securities or trade types in your workbooks.

Better analysis with custom charts to show net unrealised & realised profit/loss and display best and worst performing stocks in your portfolio.

Automated retrieval of share prices & dividends including franking credits & franked % for Australian shares.

Profit/Loss and % Gain/Loss automatically recalculated, and custom stop loss / take profit warnings are included to support your trading model.

The Custom Ribbon makes navigation easy, displaying all commands to control your worksheets.

Worksheet & Dashboard filtering helps you analyse particular aspects of your trading.

Brokerage can be set on a Portfolio basis allowing for different Broker arrangements and more time saved

Keep your accountant happy with custom reports providing a summary of your past financial years trading, costs and dividends.

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Some of the analysis charts, dashboard and reports to help you keep on top of your share portfolio performance.

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