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    Scott Lindsay

    In the Dashboard screen shot below for your trading activity in the Growth Portfolio we can see
    – Start Cash Balance ($100) this is taken from the Cash Account worksheet and is the first entry for the selected Portfolio
    – End Cash Balance ($39,130) this is again taken directly from the Cash Account worksheet and shows the accumulation of transactions for the Portfolio. This calculated field does not take into account any trading activity
    – End Cash Balance & Trading this uses the End Cash Balance and then applies any Profit or Loss from your Gross Trading to provide a result. This takes into account Open and Closed positions

    So I think you are looking for a calculation that gives you a Cash Balance that reflects the payments made to BUY positions and the payments received when positions are SOLD along with the COMMISSIONS, DIVIDENDS, INTEREST and OTHER INCOME applied to give you a Portfolio Balance. This balance would not take into account any Unrealised P&L on Open Trades just the costs for those trades. The expectation is that this would then match your actual Cash position in the IB Trading Account is that right ?

    I don’t think we have a calculation on the Dashboard like that at the moment but it could be developed…
    Please add any comments on this new feature and also if you support it’s inclusion to Share Trade Tracker

    STT Dashboard Example


    We received the following from one of our users and have posted it here to see if others are interested in seeing a new feature added to Share Trade Tracker

    More a query on background logic / assumptions re Cash Accounts and the Dashboard to ensure what I am loading into the Cash Account is correct.
    I’ve started with extracting all my transactions from the accounting system and loaded BUYS SELLS Interest Other Expenses Cash Movements.

    For Cash Account I have loaded the deposits I have made to my broker’s account to make funds available for trading.
    In reality the cash balance reduces with each BUY and increases with each SELL and each dividend.
    On the Dashboard, the ending cash balance does not reflect this – it only shows the accumulated entries in the Cash Account that I have entered.

    I expected it to be a balance that I could reconcile to the cash balance, reflecting the movements in the broker account from trading and income/expenses and that I would need to re-enter the trades in the Cash Account as cash movements.

    I have also entered some fees under Other Income. These are actually commissions but not related to specific trades – it is the shortfall against a minimum monthly fee in months where there was little or no trading. I’m not sure these fees are included in the calculation of Net P&L. I expected they would be.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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