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    Sounds good Scott.


    Scott Lindsay

    Thanks for explaining that further. I now understand what you mean by the Average metric. I will look to include this to a future version of STT and get you involved in the testing while it is in development.


    Hey Scott,

    Thanks for posting my suggestions on here.
    With regards to the Avg. Best % gain and loss, STT provides that for a dedicated share. But it would be great to have that info available across all your trades as an Avg % gain or loss of every trade you have taken. Then to be able to splice that data to monthly or weekly would be great. You can then see when your average % gain is increasing or when you average % loss is increasing and you may the decide to start cutting losers a bit earlier for example, to bring you average loss down a bit. It is a handy metric to have.

    Avg. R-multiple gain/loss would also be great.

    Being able to splice your data and track monthly performance metrics like profit factor, Avg. R ratio gain/loss, Expectancy, Avg % gain/loss, win/loss ratio, Avg. days held for winners and losers (also a handy metric to assist in determining when to cut losers or give winners a bit more room).



    Scott Lindsay


    Thanks for your suggestion I will respond on each of your suggestions and comments
    For the Charts we plot the Average of all trades for a security. That Average can be a good or poor perform and is shown for the Open and Closed trades

    For your suggested new feature to display Avg % gain on winners and Avg % loss on losers is this not already showing that ?
    Or are you asking for it to show the % gain or loss for each trade and not average that for a security ?

    Your other request for date range is a good one…..we are going to investigate the implementation of “Date Range Slicer” in the next version that can be applied to the Dashboard and the Charts worksheet. This would allow the user to set the date range across any period and then update the values on the worksheets to reflect that.

    Regarding you other suggested metrics we have had others make the suggestion for the R-Multiple and will look to include that in a future version
    We will also look into Expectancy as another metric to add into the Dashboard..

    Thanks for your suggestions we will factor these into future work on Share Trade Tracker..


    One feature that you have already , under the charts tab is great. It gives you some data on:
    open positions – Best and Worst % gain/loss
    closed positions – Best and Worst % gain/loss

    it mentions Avg but it only shows the highest and lowest %gainers/losers of each. Which is fine. But it would be a great feature to actually find you Avg % gain on winners and Avg % lose on losers. Then to additionally find those results for specific date ranges would be awesome. Then you could track your monthly performance against past months and see if your Avg % gain on winners is increasing etc. That allows you to set slightly higher targets as you can see your edge is increasing for that month and you can get a feel for when the market is providing better conditions to trade in and adjust your trade management accordingly. I have read about this in quite a few books. It probably wouldn’t take much to implement.

    It would be handy to display a number of other useful metrics in this way with being able to snapshot date ranges and check your trade metrics for that specified period.
    some of the metrics in the dashboard – profit factor, win/loss ration, win% etc. It would be great to snapshot those results as you please also.

    There are some good metrics included in STT. But there are a few that I think would be great to include. Just some key ones such as:
    – Expectancy: Sum of all profits divided by the number of trades
    – Avg. R-Multiple:
    buy price = $10
    initial stop = $9
    1R = $1
    If you sold the trade at $12 then your profit on the trade would be 2R
    Knowing your Avg R-Multiple is a handy metric to know

    Anyway i’m sure you know of these metrics. I know edgewonk and other journal software uses them and I think STT is great and easy to use and it would be a bonus to have a few extra trade metrics and the ability to change the date range to extract trade metric data from the date ranges etc.


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