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    Scott Lindsay

    Share Trade Tracker – Company Name not updating with Google as Data Source

    An issue has been reported that has been confirmed for all versions of Share Trade Tracker when attempting to Update Prices.

    Once the update routine completes the Company Name for all securities are being updated to invalid information if Google is selected as a data source. All other security information (including the Last Traded Price) returned is valid, it is only the Company Name that is being returned in with invalid information.

    This issue was first reported on Monday 13th August, 2018 and will result in the following data being returned to the Trading worksheets after the Update Prices or Security Check routines are selected.

    The XLAutomation support team are investigating what fix is required to resolve this issue and will advise shortly on a timeframe for an update to Share Trade Tracker.


    The following workarounds are available to successfully return the Company Name and price details

    Option 1) Change the Data Source to Yahoo

    This change is made in the Configuration -> Data Source option and will look to Yahoo in the first instance for security details. In most cases this will resolve the issue and the security details are returned

    Note: In some cases users have reported a large number of missing securities with Yahoo set as the default data source. If this is the case for your trading data you will need to setup Missing Security records for those stocks while you wait for a resolution to the issue with the Google data source.


    Option 2) Subscribe to EOD Historical Data

    Enabling the data feed to the EOD Historical service will not only resolve this problem it will also provide you with a resolution to the issue that exists for Historical Prices in Share Trade Tracker. This option is the recommended workaround and is one you can put in place on a temporary basis until the fix for the Google data source is available.

    For guidance on the configuration of EOD Historical Data to Share Trade Tracker review the Data Source’s Explained help article on the Share Trade Tracker Help website.

    Disclaimer: XLAutomation have trialled the EOD Historical Data price feed as part of the integration development and testing. The service has been found to be reliable and accurate during testing. We cannot guarantee the available or accuracy of the data that is provided by EOD Historical Data, any downtime or errors in the price feed should be referred to EOD Historical Data fo investigation and resolution.

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    Scott Lindsay

    A fix has been implemented to the latest version of Share Trade Tracker v3.2.3 to address this issue.
    Please download the new version of Share Trade Tracker by clicking on the “Upgrade” button in the ribbon

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