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    Scott Lindsay

    A number of users have reported issues following the latest release v3.2.3 when transferring data from an old version of the workbook. In all cases the error has occurred for users that had seen the invalid Company Data returned using the Google data source. Once that invalid data was saved in the Share Trade Tracker workbook it could not be successfully transferred to a new version.

    There are two (2) resolution paths for the issue

    1. Open the existing version of Share Trade Tracker and change the data source to Yahoo as the default. Then run “Update Prices” and “Security Check” to remove all the invalid company name details. Once that is completed save the workbook. Then open the new version of Share Trade Tracker v3.2.3 and attempt the transfer again. With the invalid data removed the transfer should proceed without error.
    2. If the resolution above is not successful then it is recommended to access the further updated release of Share Trade Tracker v3.2.4. This version includes a fix to avoid the invalid company name data populated in the previous version of Share Trade Tracker. To access the latest release go to “Upgrade” on the Share Trade Tracker ribbon and then download the latest release. Once that is downloaded the transfer from the previous version of Share Trade Tracker can be attempted.

    If neither of these resolutions are successful please submit a support ticket using the Support Request Form.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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