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    Scott Lindsay


    We have now updated Share Trade Tracker to resolve this issue. All existing users can download the new version of Share Trade Tracker v3.1.8 or later to receive the fix.

    Scott Lindsay

    We have received reports from a number of Share Trade Tracker customers of inconsistent and inaccurate price data from Google. We have investigated this and found that the Google Finance option is now returning data in a different format that is not recognised in some cases by Share Trade Tracker.

    We are recommending that Share Trade Tracker customers switch to Yahoo as their “default data source” while we investigate a fix to this issue.

    Click on the Configuration icon in the ribbon and then select Yahoo as the default data source. Click update to save those settings. The next time you use Update Prices or Security Check from the ribbon it will access the Yahoo finance website for the data. If the search results in an error it will then check the Google finance website if you have the option checked to “try other Data Source on Error”.

    Configuration Options

    The support team will now start working on a resolution to the Google Data Source issue and when it is resolved will advise all users. Any questions please contact our support team

    For the future we are working on a new data source that will be consistent and accurate for the update of prices into Share Trade Tracker. See below for more details on this new development. We hope to have this available for Share Trade Tracker customers some time in April, 2018.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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