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    Scott Lindsay


    If you are looking for the ability to “rename” a Portfolio in STT this does exist.
    Go to the Configuration button on the ribbon and select Portfolio
    Then select the Portfolio you want to “rename”…..finally change the name in the fields below the list of Portolio’s to the name that is desired
    Click ‘Update’ the Portfolio name will be renamed throughout the workbook to the new name.

    The new feature is going to be included to the next version of STT will allow for the deletion of all trades when deleting a Portfolio. It will remove the need to delete each trade manually before deleting the Portfolio.



    When I was setting up STT, I was creating “playpen” type portfolio’s for testing different things. When completed, and the results ok, enabling the data to be placed into the main Portfolio, I could not do so!
    Is it possible to amalgamate(rename) the playpen into the chosen portfolio?
    If unable to amalgamate or change Portfolio names, be great if STT offered to place portfolio details into the Upload area, enabling the data transfer?

    Failing this, the the Portfolio needs to be removed and data re-entered into the main Portfolio. I saw this in the Forum:

    “(NF1) the ability to delete all trades from a Portfolio should that be required. Current option only provides for the delete of trades one at a time or the “clear” of all trade data within the workbook”. Was this ever put into STT? if so, how is it achieved? I just deleted a Portfolio, (Configuration Tab within Setup), but I had to change the records using this portfolio…(remove the Buy, then the Sell and finally the Dividends) before STT would let me delete the Portfolio?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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