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    Hi Scott, yes, me again..

    When I look at the open positions, in the ReportFY, the Market Price, Market Value and Unrealised Gross = $0. When I look at the open positions page, Current Market Price, Market Value and Gross Profit/loss are populated. What bit of config have I missed to get ReportFY, and probably others to pick this up?

    When I look at the Current Market Prices, as at 22/02/2019 in Google, and as displayed in STT for BIN.AX, it shows as $1.30. The ASX and Yahoo show the correct price of $1.305. As you would know, this changes the Market Value and resultant reports. Not a big price difference, but…

    Also, when I use Google as the data source, the Company name is <span aria- level=”2″ role= When I use Yahoo, the company names are correct.I have used Security Check to check company details. Looks like a font issue?

    When I use the Forum tab in the Help area, it takes me to a view of the forum, where I can view all the topics and questions etc. I see it advises me I am not logged in? I had in fact previously logged in, but this view does not see that, nor does it give me an option of logging in. Maybe this view in the help area could take you to the actual forum so you can log in?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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