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    Scott Lindsay

    Share Trade Tracker v3.1.3 (release date 14th January, 2018)

    Change Log
    – Fix to Dividend Extract routine that was not returning the most recent dividend
    – New Help options for Support Request and Forum included to the Ribbon
    – A custom Upload Trades function included for bulk trade data from Interactive Brokers
    – Fix to Transfer Data to resolve an issue when there are no Open Positions being transferred
    – Update to ensure the Progress form is always displayed for a user to update on progress and then to restore the Excel window to it’s previous state when processing is completed and we are ready for the next action to be taken.
    – Configuration setting to choose if the Progress form is displayed on top or not. The default is TRUE
    – Fix to error in the workbook startup for some users that resulted in an error VAMI Set End Date.
    – Total Trade calculation on the Dashboard was not correct and was updated

    New options for Help to access the Share Trade Tracker Forum and lodge a Support Request
    New Menu options for Help

    New function to upload Interactive Brokers trade data
    Menu Option Upload Brokers Interactive

    Form to upload Interactive Brokers trade data
    Form for Upload of Interactive Brokers Trade Data

    Access to the Share Trade Tracker Forum
    Share Trade Tracker Forum

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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