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    Scott Lindsay

    This release includes fixes for multiple features across Share Trade Tracker
    – Update Prices
    – Dividends
    – Decimal Places
    – Support Form
    – Historical Prices
    – Reporting

    Scott Lindsay

    Share Trade Tracker v3.2.6 (release date 26th March, 2019)
    Change Log
    – Fix to Google Extract for the Company Name as more characters needed to be parsed
    – Support Form issues have been resolved with new options
    – Fix to Historical Price update via Yahoo, now using “”scraping”” technique to return the prices and dividends from Yahoo. This has restored the Reporting functionality and dividend download for all stocks outside of AUD
    – Fix to Current Security Price Update to return the Last Trade Date
    – Fix to Reports so that when they are being run up to the Current Date that they look into the Combined Security Details worksheet for the prices to save time. If the user has updated prices for the day then those prices can be used in the report instead of going to the Historical Price method for each Security
    – Fix to the return of High Price with the Google Data Source
    – Fix to a number forms to center them on the active screen.
    – Fix to Dividend updates for the case where a user Adds a Stock to a Security that has already had it’s dividends returned. It will now report those Dividends as NEW ready to be added for the new Portfolio
    – Fix to allow for Fractional Quantities (up to 6 decimal places) to be entered for a Trade. This will allow users to include DRP returned Quantities and any other specific calculations
    – Contract No Reference is no longer required to be unique it can be used for multiple Trades. But the user is warned if a Duplicate Contract No Reference is found
    – Fix to ensure that all configuration data for an Exchange is brought across to the transferred version including any EOD Historical References
    – Fix to Google Extract to resolve an issue with the Security Code extract

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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