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    Scott Lindsay

    Release to existing Subscribers 9th June, 2019

    Scott Lindsay

    Share Trade Tracker v3.3.7 (release date 8th June, 2019)
    Change Log
    HIGH PRIORITY FIX – The extract routines for AUD Dividend Data have been restored.

    NEW – On startup a new guide for “New Users” and “Returning Users”. Setup the trading worksheets that should be shown or hidden, also the ability to set the order for those worksheets to appear.
    NEW – A Tip/Help Form that pops up when a user first navigates to one of the entry worksheets, this will provide guidance to the user that it is NOT possible to directly enter data into the Share Trade Tracker worksheets and advise they should use the ribbon to access the forms for data entry.
    NEW – A function to allow custom sorting for all Trading worksheets included, along with a Default Reset option to return any custom sorts to the default for Share Trade Tracker
    NEW – A function to allow for the deletion of all Trades for a Portfolio
    NEW – Open Summary Analysis sheet that provides an aggregated view of all Open trades by Security and Portfolio. The aggregated view includes an average purchase price.
    NEW – A function to allow for a change in Security Code (eg takevoer or merger). This enables the user to update a Security Code across all worksheets.
    NEW – Update the Transfer to ask the user if they want to retain their existing Portfolio’s and Exchanges or to Add them to the Default list.

    FIX – Transfer the Data Source settings from an existing workbook into the new workbook, includes any configuration for EOD Historical Data Source settings.
    FIX – Update to Reports to take the Latest Market Price for the Open Positions and Short Open Positions when running a report with a Future Dated End Date. This will populate the report with the most recent Market Price, if the Market Price is not for the current date a warning will be displayed for the user to run ‘Update Prices’ and then rerun the report to have the latest price.
    FIX – Improved the speed of validation for the Transfer process
    FIX – Close Analytics Error on exit has been resolved
    FIX – Improved performance for Charts setup and filter actions
    FIX – Updated the Filter for Dashboard to remove the Start and End Date as filtering by these options gave an invalid result as the price was not being set to the End Date
    FIX – Filter Label was changed from “”Filter Dashboard”” to “”Dashboard Filter”” and Short Trades are excluded by default from the Filter. The user can elect to include them if needed for analysis.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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