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    Scott Lindsay

    Share Trade Tracker v3.4.2 (release date 22nd July, 2019)
    Change Log

    HIGH PRIORITY FIX – Update Prices new DEFAULT for World Trading Data
    HIGH PRIORITY FIX – Find Dividends direct integration with API call to ShareDividends.Com.Au

    NEW – Configure Price Data Source for End of Day and Historical Prices
    NEW – Configure Dividend Data Source for Australian Stocks and Overseas Stocks
    NEW – Update to Configuration to include the Exchange Code for World Trading Data Data Source
    NEW – Help Startup new option to Configure the Data Source at startup
    NEW – Transfer will bring across the Data Source settings for Prices & Dividends from previous versions if the user had EOD Historical setup.
    NEW – Transfer now brings across the previous Trading Activity and Worksheet Sort settings

    FIX – Net Realised Chart displaying in the wrong order for the running total of the P/L
    FIX – FormatWorksheet routine that was failing when the sheet was hidden from view
    FIX – Case where Find Dividends does not find a dividend at ShareDividends.Com.Au it will now search into Yahoo or EOD Historical for Dividend Detail for AUD stocks
    FIX – Chart display when NO Unrealised or Realised P/L values
    FIX – Error when deleting trades from a Portfolio that has no Trades
    FIX – Financial Year Report that was not checking for the Trades that had been sold during the period to exclude them from the Open Positions

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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