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    Scott Lindsay

    Share Trade Tracker v3.4.9 (release date 3rd Sep, 2020)
    Change Log
    NEW – Defaulted todays date in the Buy, Sell and Short forms
    NEW – Added a check to see if the Norgate Data Updater is running for Confirm Subscription, Update Prices, historical and dividends
    FIX – The filter form is now defaulted back to the centre of the screen everytime the workbook is opened
    FIX – An error in the calculation of the %Gain/Loss column in the Open Summary sheet
    FIX – Ad an error that occurred when attempting to generate the Open Positions chart
    NEW – Added additional grey space at the bottom of the Dashboard
    FIX – Ensured daily movement values are displayed for all data sources
    FIX – Help Form has been temporarily disabled to avoid a crash with Excel 365. Instead all requests for help and other webrowser calls are set to show the default browser.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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