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    Scott Lindsay

    The XLAutomation development team are now preparing the scope for the next release of Share Trade Tracker. Find below the currently proposed scope items for inclusion in the next release of Share Trade Tracker. Now’s your chance to comment on these items and suggest new ones.

    The scope for the next release will be closed from Friday 14th December, 2018.
    We plan to release the new version of Share Trade Tracker by the end of January, 2019.
    If you are keen to see the features earlier you can participate as a “Beta” tester for the next release. Contact us at https://xlautomation.com.au/contact-us/ to be included as a “Beta” tester.

    Release Scope

    Fixes to existing features and functions
    – (FX1) to Google Data Source returned as part of the Company Name
    – (FX2) to Yahoo Data Source Historical Prices. Changes to the Yahoo Data Source in May, 2018 resulted in the failure of the historical price extract function to return prices. This impacted the use of the Reports function as historical reports could not be generated.
    – (FX3) to ensure when running the Reports as at the current date that the Current Market Price is used for those reports and the routine does not attempt to extract the historical price from the Yahoo Data Source
    – (FX4) when adding Dividends it is possible that a Dividend is found but for a different portfolio and the Dividend should still be added for the Portfolio in which it is held.
    – (FX5) the Support Request feature in Share Trade Tracker cannot be used to submit a ticket. This will be fixed and allow for submission of support tickets directly from the Share Trade Tracker workbook
    – (FX6) review throughout the workbook decimal places for Quantity, Prices and Dividends to ensure that the appropriate allowances are in place to enter trades at the received rates and quantities

    New Features
    – (NF1) the ability to delete all trades from a Portfolio should that be required. Current option only provides for the delete of trades one at a time or the “clear” of all trade data within the workbook.
    – (NF2) allow Upload Trades to take a file instead of a copy and paste of data into the worksheet. The source file would need the required columns and then the upload process would proceed
    – (NF3) changes to the Charts worksheet to allow the Buy and Sell Trades to be sorted in any order, while still maintaining the data consistency for the Charts. The functionality to allow the user to sort the Buy and Sell Trade worksheets in any order can be provided.
    – (NF4) a Position Size Calculator will be included to allow the calculation of position sizes depending on the forecast buy price, investment amount and number of positions intended for the trade
    – (NF5) global change for key values (eg Security Code) to allow for changes. This will save manual effort to track down and change values across the workbook
    – (NF6) allow for Dividend Reinvestment Plan shares to be entered into Share Trade Tracker. This will allow for part shares (eg 1.2345). The shares will be recorded via the “Add Dividend” screen but will appear in the Buy Trades worksheet and will be available for allocation on a Sale.
    – (NF7) a new Data Source will be developed for Share Trade Tracker with “Justdata”. This will be similar to the other Data Sources but in this case will rely on a subscription to Justdata for the price data. The existing data sources for Google and Yahoo will remain along with the other paid data source for EOD Historical.

    We would appreciate any comments or feedback from the Share Trade Tracker user community on these planned changes.
    If you have any other suggestions for improvements or fixes please let us know.
    The scope for the next release will be closed on Friday 14th December, 2018 please provide your comment before that date.

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