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    Scott Lindsay

    Some users have reported issues with the new IB Upload Trade feature. The problem results in the trades uploaded via the IB Upload trade feature to appear as SOLD trades and not get written to Open Positions worksheet.

    The problem is caused by an Auto Filter being in place on the Open Positions worksheet when the trades are being created.
    Open Position Select Filter On

    If the Filter is not selected the trades are added with an issues. Before using the IB Upload feature it is recommended that you deselect any Auto Filter that is in place.

    We will be including a fix to a future release to ensure that this issue will process the trade upload as it should.
    If you do experience this issue then please report it to the support@xlautomation.com.au team and we will resolve the problem in your copy of Share Trade Tracker

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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