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    Scott Lindsay

    A fix has been implemented to the latest version of Share Trade Tracker v3.2.3 to address this issue.
    Please download the new version of Share Trade Tracker by clicking on the “Upgrade” button in the ribbon

    Scott Lindsay


    No new integrations are available for Share Trade Tracker at the moment.
    But we have just received advice from Norgate that their API integration will be ready for testing in the next few weeks.

    In light of this recent issue with the Google feed we are going to review again the options available for other data sources. That will include Just Data which does provide for direct access to CSV files of price data.

    Once new integrations are available we will advise all users of the options


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    Scott Lindsay


    We have now updated Share Trade Tracker to resolve this issue. All existing users can download the new version of Share Trade Tracker v3.1.8 or later to receive the fix.

    in reply to: Chart improvements and New Metrics #2211

    Scott Lindsay

    Thanks for explaining that further. I now understand what you mean by the Average metric. I will look to include this to a future version of STT and get you involved in the testing while it is in development.

    Scott Lindsay


    Yes we have protected the worksheets in STT to ensure that the key formulas are protected. We have also made changes to the worksheets so that the “protected” warning does not appear for users as we were receiving a large number of support requests asking for the password to unlock the worksheet as many users were attempting to enter data directly into the worksheet not realising that the entry of trade data was via the buy and sell trade forms.

    I can understand the frustration though and could include in a future release an “advanced” option where the worksheet protection is changed so that expert users are able to select cells on the worksheet to enable the SUM, AVERAGE and COUNT features that are standard with Excel. This would then be available for users to change in the configuration and enable those features to work again.

    Regarding the Interest entry I can see now that could now be a time consuming process to record interest for multiple accounts. We will include to the future feature list an “upload” option for interest that would allow you to import interest records from your bank without the entry screen

    Lastly your suggestion for an external data source is one that others have suggested. It could be implemented as you have proposed and would only be available to those users that have access to their own data source of EOD price and Dividend data. I will include this to a future release and advise users how it can be enabled once it is developed into the product.

    Thanks for your suggestions…

    in reply to: Chart improvements and New Metrics #2206

    Scott Lindsay


    Thanks for your suggestion I will respond on each of your suggestions and comments
    For the Charts we plot the Average of all trades for a security. That Average can be a good or poor perform and is shown for the Open and Closed trades

    For your suggested new feature to display Avg % gain on winners and Avg % loss on losers is this not already showing that ?
    Or are you asking for it to show the % gain or loss for each trade and not average that for a security ?

    Your other request for date range is a good one…..we are going to investigate the implementation of “Date Range Slicer” in the next version that can be applied to the Dashboard and the Charts worksheet. This would allow the user to set the date range across any period and then update the values on the worksheets to reflect that.

    Regarding you other suggested metrics we have had others make the suggestion for the R-Multiple and will look to include that in a future version
    We will also look into Expectancy as another metric to add into the Dashboard..

    Thanks for your suggestions we will factor these into future work on Share Trade Tracker..

    Scott Lindsay

    In the Dashboard screen shot below for your trading activity in the Growth Portfolio we can see
    – Start Cash Balance ($100) this is taken from the Cash Account worksheet and is the first entry for the selected Portfolio
    – End Cash Balance ($39,130) this is again taken directly from the Cash Account worksheet and shows the accumulation of transactions for the Portfolio. This calculated field does not take into account any trading activity
    – End Cash Balance & Trading this uses the End Cash Balance and then applies any Profit or Loss from your Gross Trading to provide a result. This takes into account Open and Closed positions

    So I think you are looking for a calculation that gives you a Cash Balance that reflects the payments made to BUY positions and the payments received when positions are SOLD along with the COMMISSIONS, DIVIDENDS, INTEREST and OTHER INCOME applied to give you a Portfolio Balance. This balance would not take into account any Unrealised P&L on Open Trades just the costs for those trades. The expectation is that this would then match your actual Cash position in the IB Trading Account is that right ?

    I don’t think we have a calculation on the Dashboard like that at the moment but it could be developed…
    Please add any comments on this new feature and also if you support it’s inclusion to Share Trade Tracker

    STT Dashboard Example

    in reply to: Does Share Trade Tracker have support on Office 365 ? #2162

    Scott Lindsay

    Share Trade Tracker requires the desktop version of Excel.

    As part of an Office 365 Subscription you receive access to a copy of Excel for the desktop. Once installed Share Trade Tracker can be opened on that machine.

    Share Trade Tracker cannot be used in any Online version of Excel.

    Let me know if you have any other questions…

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