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    Suggestion from Jon
    One other feature I would like to ask is, what is, or how hard would it be, to put a link / links to the major ASX data suppliers instead of relying on dirty data out of Yahoo and Google (there data is renowned for being less than accurate). I subscribe every year to Just Data (Australian supplier of data) for my charting programs. It would be a really great feature if Share trade tracker could dive into my Just data folder for clean data.

    Has there been further progress on API’s for external Data suppliers other than EOD Historical Data ?


    in reply to: Interactive Broker Upload Trade feature not working #2200


    Share Trade Tracker v3.1.6 includes fixes for the Interactive Brokers upload trade feature that addresses the issues being experienced by some users

    See here for the release notes on this release.

    Release v3.1.6 – Fix to Interactive Brokers Upload Trades not loading Exchange

    Access to the upgrade is available through the “Upgrade” option on the ribbon.

    Scott Lindsay
    Development Manager, XLAutomation
    Buderim, Queensland

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    “Suggestion received to include at the top of every key Share Trade Tracker worksheet a series of key measures of performance for the worksheet”

    If Scott can pull this one off (and I’m sure he will) it should be a great additional feature.

    Having ‘Key performance measure’ on the top of the relevant worksheet would be a great bonus – the DASHBOARD takes pride of place on my copy of Share Trade Trader and it’s the very first Worksheet of my workbook – the Dashboard is the heart of Share Trade Tracker – ((IMHO)) – displaying every key measure on one sheet, having those key measures flowing on the addition worksheets as I said before would be a GREAT Bonus for all users.

    The reason we all use Share Trade Tracker is to measure our performance & it does that nicely!

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    Another great example that Share Trade Trader is ever evolving. The encouragement for ‘User Suggestions’ is one of the standout features of this product.

    in reply to: Upload trades to include specific file formats from brokers #2141


    This suggestion has merit, I’ll keenly watchout for this inclusion

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)