Dividend Data Extract

This Free Spreadsheet provides a consolidated routine that extracts dividend information for your list of securities. It accesses multiple sources of information and returns it in different formats for use in your trading analysis.

Dividend Data Extract

To extend the range of free spreadsheets we provide the Dividend Data extract which enables the extraction of dividend data for a given set of stocks over an investment period. The data is returned in created worksheets or separate CSV files. The data is sourced from available websites that provide dividend data.

Note: Dividend historical data is provided for information only and should not be used as the basis for share trading. XLAutomation accepts no liability for errors and/or delays in data or for transactions carried out on the basis thereof.

Features - Dividend Extract v2 - Released 3rd January, 2018

This extract workbook is similar in processing to the Historical Price Extract released last year following a change to the Yahoo website that affected the download of historical prices. You provide a list of security codes and set the extract parameters and then extract the data. Here are some of the key features of this new data extract spreadsheet.

  • Security Code copy in each security code that is required for extraction. No need to worry about duplicates as processing is included to remove duplicates if they are included to the list of securities.
  • Extract End Date is set to the date up to which you want to extract the dividend data. To get the latest you set this to today's date.
  • Number of Periods is set to the number of months prior to the extract date that you want to search for dividend data
  • List of Errors will display any securities that could not be found.
  • AUD dividend details are extracted from a information website that provides franking details, these details are included to the outputs if found. AUD securities are identified by the exchange code ".AX", all other securities are sourced from Yahoo and do not include any franking details.
  • Output is defaulted to "Worksheet" which will display the results on a separate worksheet for each security and the worksheet "CombinedOutput". You can select the option to export the data to separate "CSV" files if that is required for your processing.

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Another Free Spreadsheet by XLAutomation.

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Free Sample Excel Workbook

See below an image to demo the sample workbook that is provided. Enter the security code and required date into the highlighted cells then click "Extract Historical Data". The historical dividend data will then be returned for each security. The date returned will be the closest possible prior to the supplied date.

Note: This workbook has been tested on Windows running Office 2013. No testing on MAC has been performed. To run in a MAC environment will require Windows virtualisation.


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Another Free Spreadsheet by XLAutomation.

If you found this spreadsheet helpful please make a donation.



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