Unmerge and Duplicate

Another free spreadsheet from the XLAutomation development team. This one demonstrates a method to overcome the issue of merged cells and reporting.

Unmerge & Duplicate

This Free Spreadsheet provides a macro that you can use to unmerge cells and duplicate the data from the merged cells into each cell in that merged range. We developed this for a client that had hundreds of workbooks with merged data and saved them countless hours in reformatting those workbooks to access it for reporting.

It is particularly useful when you receive a spreadsheet that includes many merged cells that you want to convert and use in a pivot report. The starting point in this case had a number of different columns of data "merged". To prepare it for a reporting solution the merged cells needed to be "unmerged" and then the data duplicated ready for consolidation.

Here is the starting point

Now after the macro has been run we have the "merged" cells cleared and the data duplicated

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Another Free Spreadsheet by XLAutomation.

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