A solution for share traders who relied on the Yahoo Finance historical price extract that has been discontinued

We have been kept busy providing solutions to problems caused by a number of Yahoo Finance website changes. Yahoo Finance has always been a great source of information for share traders, but changes to their website this year have resulted in errors for many of the extract and data scraping methods that Excel users have relied upon. Our first challenge was to provide a solution for share traders who relied on the Yahoo Finance Historical price extract feature that was suddenly discontinued in June this year. This was delivered as a free spreadsheet which uses a new method in Excel to extract the historical price for any security from the Yahoo Finance Website. Following feedback and suggestions for new inclusions and fixes we have gone on to release 2 new and improved versions of the free Historical Price Extract spreadsheet.

The most recent change in the Yahoo Finance website, on the 2nd of November, removed the ability to retrieve prices for multiple securities at the same time. This issue has now been resolved by our XLAutomation support team and the fix has been included to our product Share Trade Tracker.