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Your payment was processed successfully !!

Thanks for your payment

Find below a list of things you can expect to receive from the XLAutomation team in the next few minutes and ongoing for the length of your subscription.

We aim to exceed your expectations at all times, if we don't live up to that promise please let us know.

1. Receipt of Purchase & Invoice

The first email you receive following a successful purchase will be a receipt for that purchase. It should include details on the subscription you have selected along with an invoice for the purchase.

2. Introduction to Zoho Subscription Portal

The second email you receive will be an invitation to the Zoho subscription portal.


You can review your subscription at anytime by accessing the portal. It also retains your payments and invoice details. Simply accept the invitation and set a password to access the portal

Note: If you have already registered to another XLAutomation product or service with the same email address you will not receive another introduction to the Zoho subscription portal.

3. Exceptional Support

We aim to exceed your expectations in the capability and response of our Support team. Contact us with any question or assistance required and we will respond. Use our Support Contact form and provide as much detail has you have to explain the problem you are encountering.

If you did not receive any of these emails please use link to the support request form provided above and the XLAutomation support team will respond to assist and resolve.