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Our team of Spreadsheet Professionals combine their Excel development expertise and 20 plus years of business experience to provide spreadsheet solutions for clients from many industries.

The Spreadsheet Professional you can count on for any Excel spreadsheet need

Whether your looking to improve an old spreadsheet or have a concept for a new one to enhance your business our specialist Excel development team can help. It may be as simple as creating a custom formula or an entire business process including data entry, calculations and reporting.

Some examples of custom spreadsheets we can develop for you


Financial spreadsheets are used to manage accounting data, or specific aspects of income and expenses in detail. These can be used to turn basic data into visual snapshots of business performance, while bringing accuracy and cost savings.

Financial Spreadsheets

  • Estimating & Pricing
  • Development Feasibility
  • Investment Property Calculator
  • Quotation & invoicing
  • Payroll 
  • Profit & Loss 
  • Financial Plan Projection
  • Budget Spreadsheet

Data, Charts, Reporting

Business data is important and valuable. The challenge comes in access and interpretation. Our team can tap into Excels advanced tools to turn this data into useful information to make better decisions about your business. With automated pivot tables, charts & reporting organised into visual data summaries for quick analysis.

Charts & Reporting

  • Fully integrated charts
  • Pivot tables
  • Reporting
  • Dashboard Reports
  • Automated 
  • Filters & Sorts for quick & easy access

Inventory & Stock Control

Excel is the perfect platform for Inventory &  Stock Control. Automation save time and gives accurate inventory tracking. Group into categories to see up-to-date stock levels & values, average purchase cost and quantities of stock committed to quotes.

Count - Purchase - Report

  • Simplify & automate stocktaking 
  • Track stock values & purchase costs
  • Categorise inventory for quick analysis 
  • Add multiple products from lists, sales order or inventory reports to purchase order
  • Forecast profit margins or losses
  • See stock levels when quoting & invoicing

Share Trading

Our XLAutomation team have experience in this area having worked closely with share trading advisers to develop Share Trade Tracker for individuals to record, track & analyse trading data. See More under 'Products' in our main menu. We can also provide custom share trading spreadsheets if you have specific requirements.  

Share Portfolio Spreadsheets

  • Portfolio management 
  • Trade tracking
  • Dividends & franking credits 
  • Short trading Automated share price retrieval spreadsheets
  • Historical price extracts
  • Dividend data extracts 
  • Share trading charts & dashboards


Financial spreadsheets are used to manage accounting data, or specific aspects of income and expenses in detail. These can be used to turn basic data into visual snapshots business performance, while bringing accuracy and cost savings.

Types of Schedules

  • Employee Shift Schedule
  • Production planning & Scheduling
  • Project Schedule
  • Job Scheduling
  • Market research Scheduling
  • Observation Schedules used in education, psychology, or for scientific research.

Risk Assessment Models

A well developed risk assessment model will help your business prevent, mitigate or respond appropriately to a current or potential risk. These Risk assessment tools are used in a variety of industries. Our team can specialise in developing a risk assessment spreadsheets customised to suit your specific requirements. 

Risk Assessment Types

  • IT Risk Assessment Model
  • Project Risk Management
  • Business Risk Assessment 
  • Construction Risk Assessment
  • Mining Blast Risk Assessment 
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Emergency Management

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Don't just take our word for it, read what others have to say.

"This is the second project XLAutomation has completed for my company and again, we are extremely happy with the results. I approached Scott with a request to build a simple to use BAS/tax reporting workbook, which he delivered  exactly as we requested, simple and easy to use. Communication throughout the project with Scott was excellent. Scott goes above and beyond to deliver a high-quality product. The project was completed, not only to our satisfaction, but within the time frame given. I would not hesitate to recommend XLAutomation for any type of Excel workbook/database needs."

Christina Bariesheff

Director, CoreEnviro Solutions Pty Ltd

"I developed a concept and engaged XLAutomation to help with the migration of data and development of the working model. The professionalism from Scott and his proactive nature ensured that the XLAutomation team delivered on the proposed scope and always on milestone dates. I would have no issue recommending XLAutomation, it has been an absolute pleasurable experience"

Kyle North

Quarry Manager, Hanson Construction Materials

"The Personal Portfolio Manager workbook is running beautifully. Thanks for your help and for cleaning up the old formats. You've done a brilliant job and I'm super impressed with your Excel skills"


Cameron Seidel

"The new revision of the workbook is perfect. I'd just like to thank you for your patience during the project. I am aware that my lack of computer knowledge makes correspondence more difficult than it should be.

I have again been amazed at the level of understanding your team can apply to such a random concoction of ideas that our workbook has become."

Mitch Batterham

Western USI

"Scott was very understanding of our situation & requirements, assuring us he could provide an easy to use database with custom reporting capabilities, which he did. The level of communication with Scott's availability via email, phone and Team Viewer made the whole process easy & stress free.

The Project was completed in the set time frame and the price was very competitive. The outcome has not only made our duties easier, but we are also receiving positive feedback on the new reporting system from the ACT Government to whom we send the custom reports. I would not hesitate to recommend XLAutomation."

Christina Bariesheff

CoreEnviro Solutions

"XLAutomation listened to what we wanted, and checked their understanding  by making available to discuss essential details in more depth to ensure they were meeting the project objectives for us. I was kept updated on the projects progress which was completed in a timely fashion for a reasonable cost.

We now have the ability to provide a broader range of feedback with statistical data to relevant managers, enabling us to identify trends and area's requiring improvement and training"

Belinda Harbourne

Audi Centre Brisbane


"The team at XLAutomation understood my very vague description and transferred it into the perfect result with ease and attention to detail.

A great result, well done..!!"


T&T Kitchen Designs


"Scott Lindsay was very thorough in analysis of my requirements and confirmed with me that he was on the right track at an early stage. The macros he designed provide the outcomes we were looking for.

Very happy with the service from initial quotation through to completion of the project.

Very happy to recommend".

Paul Brown

Professional Investment Services


"Scott Lindsay and his team are very professional. He is thorough, conscientious and creative. He produces a very high quality product, on time and working correctly. I appreciate his attention to detail at all stages: from the original estimate through to the end product and the accompanying documentation.

I'd be very happy to recommend his services to anyone."

Douglas V. Nelson

Nelson Financial Consultants


"Andrew has been very good for us and he has responded quickly and correctly in most circumstances. The project was very quickly imposed upon us and you and he responded very well. Whilst not yet actually completed we are very happy and will be working again with you to build more products into the calculator, and will keep it in mind for other clients and projects."

Craig Howlett

BHB Printing Pty Limited


"Geotechnical Testing Services found XLAutomation very easy to work with and extremely professional"

John Boykett

General Manager, Geotechnical Testing Services Pty. Ltd


"XLAutomation's grasp of what we required from our spreadsheet was quick and the delivered product worked as specified"

Peter Fawkes

Bathurst Regional Council

"We've sought the expertise of XLAutomation for a number of projects since 2011. Our experiences with Scott and his team have been first class in all areas of the build, implementation and ongoing support.

Not only do we personally use Share Trade Tracker in our own business, we confidently provide it to our clients as well. I highly recommend the use of XLAutomation for anyone wanting better business tools."

Nick Radge

Head of Trading & Research The Chartist


"I found Scott Lindsay easy to deal with, patient and quick to respond to queries. Working with XLAutomation we have achieved simplified processes and improved quality. We are also saving time, money and our staff are happier.

Overall a positive outcome."

Michael Delaney

Thursday Island Pharmacy


"A very thorough service. They knew what they were doing and there was no problem that they couldn't overcome. Everything was explained to us in easy to understand terms and even when we were finding it difficult to explain a problem, they understood very quickly what we were talking about."

Nicole Sharp

Noble Wilson Real Estate


"Ours was a relatively small job but the attention and the service was wonderful. The reply to our initial enquiry was almost immediate and the job was completed within the promised time frame. As is usually the case there was some additional modifications that were again handled in a professional and timely fashion.

I would have no hesitation in recommending XLAutomation"

Ian Ross

Skincare Specialist


"Scott was fantastic from the time of the initial call right through to finalisation of our project. Scott was knowledgeable, well informed and quick to provide a solution suitable to our needs. Scott was also happy to provide this service within our time frame and delivered well before the proposed deadline. I would highly recommend the services of XLAutomation to everyone requiring these specialised services."

Debra Barber

Online Personal Assistants


"I found the XLAutomation team to be very professional, courteous and knowledgeable.

They quickly resolved the issues that we had with our excel macros, in a timely and economical manner."

Mark Perissinotto



"Scott recently did some work for us that was more involved than we initially thought it might be. A seemingly standard spreadsheet that we use frequently needed refinement following some software upgrades to hardware. Scott showed a considerable amount of knowledge, patience and commitment to promptly deliver a very well put together product for us that will work well into the future."

Gary Bulbeck

Product Implementation Manager at Davey Bickford


"Once again thanks for not only your help, which is fantastic, but the help you gave in guiding the process of deciding just how to achieve the desired outcome and the speedy fashion in which you replied and finished the work. Of the 15 plus requests I sent out for this job using Google as a source last Saturday night, I received your response early the next (Sunday) morning, 1 response Monday AM, 1 response Tuesday AM, and 1 further response Wednesday AM.

This speaks for itself."

Michael Page

Wallaby Hill


"Understanding our problem, what we needed to achieve and working through the development phase, testing and re testing produced a fit for purpose outcome."

Keith Carroll

Managing Director, Alimak Hek Pty Ltd


"XLAutomation were very consultative in their approach to our needs and I am very happy with the result.

I would not hesitate to recommend their Excel macro services."

Tony Marlow

Research Director, Asia Pacific, Nielsen Online


"The level of attention we received to thoroughly understanding our requirements was excellent. The final product perfectly fulfilled those requirements.

The steps & support taken to get to the end result were efficient & effective."

Richard Lamport

Managing Director. Kalgin International Freight Services

The XLAutomation Difference

Communication is key to achieving our clients desired outcomes. That's why you talk directly with the team member developing your solution via email, phone or screen sharing which we find very effective. This ongoing communication throughout the intial contact, developement and testing phases is crucial to understanding and achieving your goals.

Attention to detail is a high priority during all projects. A number of prototype workbook (s) will be supplied for your testing as key functionality is developed. We won't stop until you are completely satisfied. All projects are delivered on time and budget. We also offer one month free support following completion date to ensure any issues not identified during the project are resolved.

Delivering fully automated spreadsheets to perform all task with minimum effort. Our team focus on automation in the development of your spreadsheet, using their expertise in VBA to create custom macros to increase productivity & reduce errors. This not only saves you countless hours but will continue to have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Spreadsheets you can count on. We understand your Excel spreadsheets and applications are an important part of your business operations. Measures to ensure they run efficiently are put in place. Data validation checks for improper input or output results. Warning messages prevent user mistakes. Data and formulas are protected and important formulas and procedures are documented to save hours of future development time.