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 A Support Plan offers a guaranteed level of service and rapid response to ensure your Workbook runs efficiently for your business at all times.

Support Plan provided for your consideration

As part of every XLAutomation consulting project a one (1) month period support is included. During that time the support team will respond to any issues to restore your Workbook if something has impacted it's operation that was in the original scope of the project.

After that support period if you need to resolve a problem or issue with the Workbook or you need to enhance it with some new functionality we offer a Support Plan. The Plan provides coverage for your existing Workbook and discounted consulting rates for any enhancements or improvements that are required.

Notes on XLAutomation Workbook:

  • For the purposes of the Support Plan a Workbook can be an Excel Spreadsheet or Google Sheet. The XLAutomation development team specialises in both these options and we select the most appropriate type of Workbook for a customer specific requirements.

Why do I need Support? the project is finished, all problems found in testing have been resolved

A Support Plan is like an insurance policy for your Workbook and gives you a guaranteed level of service and rapid response to your requests for support and also provides reduced hourly rates when additional work is required.

Our experience has shown that even the most thoroughly tested Workbooks can have problems when used in a “real” environment. It may not happen immediately after the completion of a project and could be many weeks later that the problem is reported.

It could be some aspect of end of month processing or the need to incorporate other aspects of your business process into the application that has been developed. Changes in the version of Excel, Google or Windows can lead to issues for a Workbook. A function that worked without issues in the previous version suddenly fails.

At these times when the Workbook is part of your business process you need access to support and you need that support to respond and resolve as quickly as possible. With a Support Plan from XLAutomation you can guarantee your business is covered for these potential risks.

Services offered under a Support Plan

Problem / Bug Investigation and resolution

Even though we make every effort to test and allow for errors during development it is not always possible to cater for every possible problem.

It may be that a user has entered incorrect or unexpected information into a data entry form, or that through no fault of their own a user has corrupted the data that the application relies on and the data can no longer be used by the Workbook.

When issues like this happen the response time and resolution are usually critical to get the Workbook back into operation for your business.

See below some sample messages that may displayed in cases where a specific error has not been catered for or the data within the Workbook has been corrupted, and the steps taken by the Support Team to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.



  1. A thorough assessment of the reported problem, attempt to reproduce the error at our site which usually results in a quick resolution and fix.
  2. If the error cannot be reproduced then a phone discussion with the staff member who first identified the issue is organised.
  3. A remote session to the staff member's workstation, which usually provides the information required to resolve the problem.
  4. If not it may be necessary to visit a clients site to investigate and resolve.

Calls for Help or Advice

When a new Workbook is installed for the first time, users of the system develop a basic understanding of the features and functionality during the testing and implementation phase.

When the Workbook has been in operation for some period, there will be questions about functionality or how something could be changed to improve the system. These questions could come from the staff members involved in the project but are most likely to come from other people in your organisation that are using the new workbook for the first time.

We can provide answers to those questions and initial advice on the need and scope of any proposed changes for clients with a Support Plan in place.

Enhancement Investigation and Development

At the start of a project the client and XLAutomation design a Workbook that best meets the client’s needs based on the available information and experience. Following implementation a client may identify components of the workbook that could be extended and enhanced to increase its effectiveness. This may be a minor change to the existing functionality or could be a completely new feature that was not scoped in the initial project.

As part of the Support Plan the XLAutomation team can:

  • Provide advice and guidance on the best approach to address the change that has been identified
  • Develop an estimate for the work involved.
  • That work after client approval would be completed as a standard project enhancement and charged at the discounted hourly rate within the Support Plan.

Website Support Portal

XLAutomation provides an online support portal to facilitate access to the support team. The portal also includes a self-service capability that enables customers to resolve many know or existing issues.

support-request-page snippet

Plans from only $40 per month !

No lock-in contracts. Flexible to cancel at anytime. Discounted consulting rates!

Benefits of a Support Plan

  • Call on the XLAutomation support team at any time.
  • Given priority, fast tracked to the top of our queue, and automatically allocated to our support team via a ticket in our service desk system..
  • Most issues can be resolved quickly and within the "Monthly Included Support Hours" which means no additional costs for you.
  • Receive a discounted rate for additional consulting hours if you need to enhance your Workbook or start a new project.

Can I still get help without a Support Plan? 

We are still here to assist when you need help.

  • Your request will be placed in the consulting queue and attended to once all existing project and support work is completed
  • You will need to pay for the consulting hours spent on investigating and resolving your request
  • The rate for consulting hours will be at the standard rate (currently $140/hr)

Access, Availability and Response Times for Support


Support Request: Support Request Form

Email Contact: support@xlautomation.com.au


24 x 7 (365 days a year)

6am - 10pm (AEST) Monday - Friday (ex public holidays)


Response within 12 hrs

Resolution within 24 - 48 hrs

Notes for Response Times:

  • Resolution to issues is dependent on the functionality that is broken. Where it is dependent on 3rd party applications (Eg Google Functions) a complete workaround and resolution will require significantly more effort to restore.

Support Plan Options simple to understand and assess the real value to your business

Standard ($40/Month)

  • 2 hours of included consulting support
  • Discounted consulting rate $100/hour (Save $40/hour)

Premier ($80/Month)

  • 5 hours of included consulting support
  • Discounted consulting rate $80/hour for enhancements. (Save $60/hour)

Notes for the Support Plans:

  • Minimum term of 3 months on all new Support Plans
  • Monthly Included hours do not rollover to the next month if unused in a previous month
  • Workbook refers to an Excel Spreadsheet or Google Sheet
  • Included hours can only be used for Support. Any Enhancement or New consulting is chargeable at the discounted consulting rate for the support plan
  • A Support Plan be cancelled at anytime. The current months support cost is not refundable and support for the customers workbook will cease at the end of the month.

Click here for Terms and Conditions of Support Plans

Plans from only $40 per month !

No lock-in contracts. Flexible to cancel at anytime. Discounted consulting rates!