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"Use the Power of Excel to List, Prioritise and Track your Tasks !"

Why do you need an Excel Task List?

Do you Feel super busy and stressed, but not the satisfaction of ticking off what really matters at the end of the day? Maybe your wasting time searching for and organising which tasks to start first?

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The Solution is a platform to list all your tasks in one place.

Now you can forget about having to remember! The built-in Excel features to prioritise and auto schedule tasks will keep you organised and you time. Hit the ground running with the Today's Focus feature providing your top priorities for the day.


Read how To Do List has helped others manage their tasks

"I've tried every To Do List on the market and found the To Do List by XLAutomation ticks all the boxes for me.

It let's me arrange my different streams of activity at work and home into the same workbook and then quickly and easily see what remains to be actioned and where I should next focus.

Since starting with To Do List I have improved my efficiency, I no longer worry about the unorganised list of things I need to get done. To Do List has that sorted and I can rely on it letting me know what to do next."

Jim Lucas

Operations Manager for Fruit Wholesaler

"To Do List was recommended to me by someone at school, I was so busy at work and home running between marking student papers, taking the kids to and from various sporting events and other activities. I never seemed to have any time for myself.

With To Do List I was able to organise the things that needed to get done on specific days of the week at times when I would not be distracted. This was the key for me as it let me focus on the activity at the right time.

I would recommend To Do List for anyone trying to get organised, it helped me."

Julie Highland

Teacher and busy Mother of 2

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