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Professional, experienced Excel consultants ready to help with any Excel need. Our aim is to exceed your expectations with benefit driven solutions for your business.

Excel Consulting with a difference

Our difference is that we genuinely focus on exceeding your expectations with benefit-led Excel solutions that fit your business needs. Our Development team lead by Scott Lindsay, Founder of XLAutomation, bring many years of business experience in a broad range of industries. This reflects in our ability to communicate well to focus on understanding your requirements and give you the right recommendations on the best options available to achieve your desired outcomes.

Our Difference

Emphasis on Communication. Yes we are the experts in Excel but don't pretend to be experts in your business. Communication is crucial to cement a solid understanding of your specific business requirements. Our goal is to achieve your desired outcomes, so communications continue throughout the development & testing phases to make sure we stay on track every step of the way.

Focus on Automation. At XLAutomation we focus on delivering every Excel solution no matter what type or size, with maximum automation to perform all tasks with minimum effort. Your consultant continually looks for possible areas to use their expertise in VBA to build custom macros to automate parts of your solution, to increase productivity, reduce errors and save you time.

Promise to Deliver on scope, time & budget. Attention to detail is high priority during all projects, and a number of prototype workbook (s) are supplied for your testing as key functionality is developed. We continue until you are completely satisfied. All projects are delivered on time and budget. We also offer one months free support following completion date to ensure any issues not identified during the project are resolved.

Excel Solutions you can count on. We understand these Excel solutions are an important part of your business operations. Measures are put in place to ensure they run efficiently. Data validation checks for improper input or output results, and warning messages prevent user mistakes. Your data and formulas are protected to provide consistency and functionality is maintained. We also document important formulas and procedures which can save hours of future development time.

What Type Of Excel Consulting Do You Need?

New Spreadsheet Developed

Custom spreadsheets for business. Whether its financial, statistical, forcast modeling, quotation & invoicing, there are no limits to what type of spreadsheet we can develop. Contact us today and we will work with you every step of the way to provide a custom solution for your business

Get A Charts & Dashboard Quote

Professional Charts and Reports to track your data. Drive value for your business with quick access to actionable information, presented better to interpret, explore, see trends, and make decisions to grow your business. Pivot tables, and Dashboard reports to show critical data summarised on a single pageview. 

Fix or Modify an Existing Spreadsheet

Have formulas that need fixing or have regularly occurring errors? Need a custom macro to to automate a particular repetitive task, to save time? Or do you need to enhance or extend an existing spreadsheet to meet your growing business requirements?

Forcasting Models

For example revenue forcasting models built with workbook functions & forms to capture details on projects, equipment, associated works & contract validations. Reports are generated, driven by a series of selection criteria to ensure specific and global forecasts can be calculated.   

VBA Excel Programming

Excel applications contain VBA code to provide a user friendly workbook layout with familiar & convenient controls, while hiding its complexity. Enhanced reporting capabilities, & intergration with data bases are some of the other benefits of an Excel Application 

Custom Calculator

The latest Custom Calculator we provided was for a cattle feedlot owner, to calculate, based on the entry of the weight of two components, hay & straw and a set of ratios, the quantities of other feed components to be fed to the cattle. Let us know what custom calculations your business requires.

Don't just take our word for it, read what others have to say about our excel Consulting service

"The Personal Portfolio Manager workbook is running beautifully. Thanks for your help and for cleaning up the old formats. You've done a brilliant job and I'm super impressed with your Excel skills"


Cameron Seidel

"The new revision of the workbook is perfect. I'd just like to thank you for your patience during the project. I am aware that my lack of computer knowledge makes correspondence more difficult than it should be.

I have again been amazed at the level of understanding your team can apply to such a random concoction of ideas that our workbook has become."

Mitch Batterham

Western USI

"Scott was very understanding of our situation & requirements, assuring us he could provide an easy to use database with custom reporting capabilities, which he did. The level of communication with Scott's availability via email, phone and Team Viewer made the whole process easy & stress free.

The Project was completed in the set time frame and the price was very competitive. The outcome has not only made our duties easier, but we are also receiving positive feedback on the new reporting system from the ACT Government to whom we send the custom reports. I would not hesitate to recommend XLAutomation."

Christina Bariesheff

CoreEnviro Solutions

"XLAutomation listened to what we wanted, and checked their understanding  by making available to discuss essential details in more depth to ensure they were meeting the project objectives for us. I was kept updated on the projects progress which was completed in a timely fashion for a reasonable cost.

We now have the ability to provide a broader range of feedback with statistical data to relevant managers, enabling us to identify trends and area's requiring improvement and training"

Belinda Harbourne

Audi Centre Brisbane


"The team at XLAutomation understood my very vague description and transferred it into the perfect result with ease and attention to detail.

A great result, well done..!!"


T&T Kitchen Designs


"Scott Lindsay was very thorough in analysis of my requirements and confirmed with me that he was on the right track at an early stage. The macros he designed provide the outcomes we were looking for.

Very happy with the service from initial quotation through to completion of the project.

Very happy to recommend".

Paul Brown

Professional Investment Services


"Scott Lindsay and his team are very professional. He is thorough, conscientious and creative. He produces a very high quality product, on time and working correctly. I appreciate his attention to detail at all stages: from the original estimate through to the end product and the accompanying documentation.

I'd be very happy to recommend his services to anyone."

Douglas V. Nelson

Nelson Financial Consultants


"Andrew has been very good for us and he has responded quickly and correctly in most circumstances. The project was very quickly imposed upon us and you and he responded very well. Whilst not yet actually completed we are very happy and will be working again with you to build more products into the calculator, and will keep it in mind for other clients and projects."

Craig Howlett

BHB Printing Pty Limited


"Geotechnical Testing Services found XLAutomation very easy to work with and extremely professional"

John Boykett

General Manager, Geotechnical Testing Services Pty. Ltd


"XLAutomation's grasp of what we required from our spreadsheet was quick and the delivered product worked as specified"

Peter Fawkes

Bathurst Regional Council

"We've sought the expertise of XLAutomation for a number of projects since 2011. Our experiences with Scott and his team have been first class in all areas of the build, implementation and ongoing support.

Not only do we personally use Share Trade Tracker in our own business, we confidently provide it to our clients as well. I highly recommend the use of XLAutomation for anyone wanting better business tools."

Nick Radge

Head of Trading & Research The Chartist


"I found Scott Lindsay easy to deal with, patient and quick to respond to queries. Working with XLAutomation we have achieved simplified processes and improved quality. We are also saving time, money and our staff are happier.

Overall a positive outcome."

Michael Delaney

Thursday Island Pharmacy


"A very thorough service. They knew what they were doing and there was no problem that they couldn't overcome. Everything was explained to us in easy to understand terms and even when we were finding it difficult to explain a problem, they understood very quickly what we were talking about."

Nicole Sharp

Noble Wilson Real Estate


"Ours was a relatively small job but the attention and the service was wonderful. The reply to our initial enquiry was almost immediate and the job was completed within the promised time frame. As is usually the case there was some additional modifications that were again handled in a professional and timely fashion.

I would have no hesitation in recommending XLAutomation"

Ian Ross

Skincare Specialist


"Scott was fantastic from the time of the initial call right through to finalisation of our project. Scott was knowledgeable, well informed and quick to provide a solution suitable to our needs. Scott was also happy to provide this service within our time frame and delivered well before the proposed deadline. I would highly recommend the services of XLAutomation to everyone requiring these specialised services."

Debra Barber

Online Personal Assistants


"I found the XLAutomation team to be very professional, courteous and knowledgeable.

They quickly resolved the issues that we had with our excel macros, in a timely and economical manner."

Mark Perissinotto


"Scott recently did some work for us that was more involved than we initially thought it might be. A seemingly standard spreadsheet that we use frequently needed refinement following some software upgrades to hardware. Scott showed a considerable amount of knowledge, patience and commitment to promptly deliver a very well put together product for us that will work well into the future."

Gary Bulbeck

Product Implementation Manager at Davey Bickford


"Once again thanks for not only your help, which is fantastic, but the help you gave in guiding the process of deciding just how to achieve the desired outcome and the speedy fashion in which you replied and finished the work. Of the 15 plus requests I sent out for this job using Google as a source last Saturday night, I received your response early the next (Sunday) morning, 1 response Monday AM, 1 response Tuesday AM, and 1 further response Wednesday AM.

This speaks for itself."

Michael Page

Wallaby Hill


"Understanding our problem, what we needed to achieve and working through the development phase, testing and re testing produced a fit for purpose outcome."

Keith Carroll

Managing Director, Alimak Hek Pty Ltd


"XLAutomation were very consultative in their approach to our needs and I am very happy with the result.

I would not hesitate to recommend their Excel macro services."

Tony Marlow

Research Director, Asia Pacific, Nielsen Online


"The level of attention we received to thoroughly understanding our requirements was excellent. The final product perfectly fulfilled those requirements.

The steps & support taken to get to the end result were efficient & effective."

Richard Lamport

Managing Director. Kalgin International Freight Services

Our Excel Consultants are ready to help

We've given you a small sample of the types of Excel Consulting we offer, but we can help no matter what your Excel requirement is! Click the link below for a quote.We will be in touch within 24hrs if not sooner.

Consulting Support...we are here to help

Most of the spreadsheets we develop for customers are part of Projects. A customer will come to us with a request for an improvement to an existing spreadsheet or an idea they have to optimise something in their business. We then analyse, develop and implement a solution that meets the requirements for the customer.

Our Customer Support doesn't end there. After project implementation we continue to provide One Months Free Support. This is to ensure any issues or problems not identified (within the original scope) during the project development are resolved.
After this free support period we offer paid Consulting Support options.

Support Agreement

Clients we have developed more complex solutions for, like an Excel Application that becomes fundamental to their day to day business operations we recommend considering a Support Agreement to ensure your investment is maintained and continues to provide value for your business.

A Support Agreement is like an insurance policy for your application. In the event that you need to resolve an issue, that support request would need to be assessed, estimated, and allocated to a consultant to address. At busy times our consultants may be fully allocated to new project and / or support requests with clients that have a Support agreement in place.

Having a Support Agreement in place gives you a guaranteed level of service and rapid response to your requests for support and also provides for reduced hourly rates when additional work is required on your application.

Why do I need a Support Agreement ?

Many of our clients question why they need support. The project is finished and their testing has found all the problems and they have been resolved.

Our experience has shown that even the most thoroughly tested applications can have problems when used in a “real” environment. It may not happen immediately after the completion of a project and could be many weeks later that the problem is reported. It could be some aspect of end of month processing or the need to incorporate other aspects of your business process into the application that has been developed.

At these times when the application is part of your business process you need access to Support and you need that Support to respond and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. With a support plan from XLAutomation you can guarantee your business is covered for these potential risks.